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My Story


Back when I was teaching at Cal State LA, I made it my goal to encourage my students to see the “impossible” as “very much possible.” I asked myself, how can I teach my students to be resilient outside these classroom walls? Simple, by building a community of empowered individuals, and I did this by first being vulnerable with them and reminding them that in life we have something called “choice.” 


Having the courage to stand in front of a crowd and open up about stories so deep and personal to me had been a beautiful journey. You see, prior to that, I was an emotional wreck who ate her emotions away, and with every box of pizza, tub of ice cream, and glazed doughnut, I had this illusion that my problems would go away just for that second. However, what really ended up happening was that I racked up my weight to a very unhealthy one. I had to make sure no one knew that I didn’t have my shit together so I became what is known as the people pleaser. That tendency, to put others' needs before your own, really hit hard when I started getting into toxic relationships, one after the other. 

Trust me, I have had my heart broken by people who didn't even deserve my heart in the first place. But I learned that through my journey of self-respect. As a girl, I was taught to behave a certain way, dress a certain way, think a certain way, and obey. But today, as a woman, I decided to take charge, be bold, be different, be courageous, and be the leader I was meant to be. I took charge of my life, and despite the obstacles that were being thrown at me, I dropped 65 lbs, was the first in my family to get their Master’s degree, went back to school to get certified as a Life Coach, and decided to leave my day job to pursue my dream career as a Life Coach. Oh, and the school I attended for Life Coaching was created by Sharon Pearson, a mentee of Tony Robbins. I achieved these goals by choice not by luck, and you can too. You can choose to take action now or you can choose to stay in the same rut. Empower yourself and take ownership of your life again. And I will be here guiding you along your way!

Dry Flowers

"Do the thing you fear the most and the death of fear is certain."

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