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It's time to invest in YOU.

I'm Edna Méndez, M.A., a Life Coach.

Change Your Mindset,
Change Your Life

"Pero, you are a girl Mija, and you shouldn't be like that", were the words engraved into me as a child. I was expected to be a certain way, and every time I challenged that narrative I was punished for it. Until I said no more. I took control of my life and no longer lived for others, I lived for myself.

For many of us Latina women, from the moment we were born, our family expected us to take on many roles. Perhaps you were expected to put people's needs ahead of your own, to look presentable at all times, to care about what others thought of you, to settle down, get married and have kids, to be the "good girl." But most importantly, you weren't allowed to say, "what about me?!" 


You can feel like you are living in the shadows of someone else when you are constantly putting yourself last. And that tendency to put yourself last might leave you feeling “stuck” in your life. Or you can't seem to figure out the reason why you have a hard time achieving that one goal you long desire. 


Here's the thing, many people are unaware that their mindset, their values and beliefs, their language, and their actions are the driving forces that are getting them their results in life. Really? Yes, really. We are so conditioned to think one way that challenging that mindset can seem impossible. But I promise you that it is very much possible. How can I say this? Because I  have been exactly in your shoes, and came out stronger than ever, and so can you!

If not now, when?

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